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What Does an Elder Abuse Attorney Help With?

What Does an Elder Abuse Attorney Help With?

The golden years of life should be, well, golden. Unfortunately for some of California’s elder population, this time in their life is marked with mistreatment, abuse, greed and deceit. Whether you are researching for yourself or a loved one, please know this: elder abuse should never be tolerated. There are many legal options out there for victims of elder abuse and working with an experienced elder abuse attorney will help to ensure that the abuse not only stops but also that the individual is taken care of financially and physically going forward.

That last statement begs the question: what does an elder abuse attorney help with? Of course the answer depends on the nature and scope of the abuse. Some forms of elder abuse only affect an individual’s physical well being (including sexual abuse), while others are specifically targeted at his or her finances and others are a combination of the two. Below are some areas an attorney can help:

  • Financial Abuse: Unfortunately, financial scams and manipulation targeting vulnerable seniors is all too common. In many cases, a senior may unwittingly sign over powers and access to real estate, bank accounts and personal property and not realize the true intentions of the person until the money is all gone. Working with an attorney can help regain control of the remaining assets and recover what was lost.

  • Physical Abuse: Ensuring that you or your loved one is removed from the abusive care situation and put into one that can help fix the issues caused by the abuse and provide proper care going forward should always be the most immediate goal of an attorney. This abuse can take many forms, including: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and psychological abuse. An elder abuse attorney is not just versed in the relevant criminal and civil laws attached to these crimes but is also connected to local nurses, hospices and nursing homes that provide individuals with the care and love they deserve.

As with any case, the sooner you get in touch with an elder abuse attorney the better. Fresh evidence in the form of witness testimony, physician evaluations and financial transitions will help to ensure that you or your loved get the proper justice. Get in touch with the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz today to schedule an obligation-free consultation and learn how we can help.

The laws surrounding elder abuse in California can get complicated quickly—working with the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz means that you have over three decades of legal experience fighting for you. we have successfully helped many elder abuse clients and families in the past and will work hard to get you the same positive results. We understand the emotion and frustrations associated with these types of cases and treat every client as if they are family. Pick up the phone today and give the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz a call today—we are here to help.

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