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Dangerous Road and Highway Defect Accident Attorney

A highway defect exists when a road, street or freeway has been poorly designed and/or constructed, it has not had proper maintenance or poor repairs have been made, and/or there is a failure to provide appropriate and necessary warning signs. Some examples of highway defects include, but are not limited to: potholes, steep and non-recoverable embankments, and shoulder/pavement edge drop-offs, all of which can cause a loss of vehicle control. Even a safety conscious motorist who obeys all traffic laws and performs routine maintenance and inspections on their automobile for defects or malfunctions can fall victim to a vehicle collision caused by highway defects.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reported that approximately 13% of all vehicle collisions in the U.S. are attributed to highway defects. This means that where recent studies have reported 984 injuries due to vehicle traffic collisions in Pasadena, over 125 of those are from highway defects. The same study also reports over 50,000 vehicle collisions in Los Angeles County, with more than 6,500 from highway defects. The expense of being involved in a vehicle collision can cost on average $250,000 or more for serious and life threatening injuries, $50,000 or more for less severe, but yet visible injuries, and $25,000 for pain and suffering.

Being involved in a vehicle collision can be one of the most near death experiences a person could have in their lifetime, especially if you were a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian injured in a vehicle collision caused by a highway defect. Not only are there physical and emotional impacts, but extensive financial injuries as well. Consulting with a skilled Pasadena highway defect attorney like Andrew Ritholz will provide you with all of the medical attention needed for recovery due to any physical or emotional injuries and conduct an extensive investigation with qualified and credible experts. An experienced highway defect attorney will use caution and care while guiding and helping you understand the complex litigation process, which can be a long and heavy road to medical and financial recovery.

Representing Pasadena Highway Defect Clients

If you or a loved one have been involved in a vehicle collision as a result of a highway defect, you should immediately speak with an experienced highway defect attorney to help you determine whether there was a design defect, and/or negligence in the maintenance or repair of the highway, and/or whether there was a failure to provide appropriate warning signs on the highway where the collision occurred. Only an experienced attorney can provide you with the necessary and crucial post-accident investigation. Conditions on a highway can change drastically in a very short period of time due to weather, continued use of the highway from vehicle traffic, and other conditions due to the atmosphere. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a qualified highway defect attorney who will understand how to collect evidence, know what to look for, and how to preserve it.

Highways, freeways, and roads have traditionally been regulated by either federal, state, or local government agencies. The Federal and State Government Codes grant the government immunity from being held liable to injured claimants, in many instances, when the primary cause is a result of negligence. This is another reason why it is especially important to hire an experienced highway defect attorney to help you overcome government immunity challenges.

Surviving a vehicle collision due to a highway defect can have permanent physical and financial strains. This is why it is extremely important to consult with an experienced and qualified highway defect attorney, Andrew Ritholz. He is familiar with working with matters involving government liability, will ensure you receive the proper medical attention, and guarantees that thorough investigations will be conducted. These are key factors in increasing your likelihood for success when litigating issues involving injuries suffered in a vehicle collision caused by a highway defect.

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