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Pasadena Slip and Fall Attorney

Every year, millions of people are injured in slip and fall accidents, through no fault of their own. According to the National Safety Council, falls are the second leading cause of unintentional death in homes and communities. In 2011, 8.9 million Americans visited the emergency room after being injured in a slip and fall incident. Many of these injuries occurred due to negligence by premises owners and managers.

When you’re injured in a slip and fall incident, your life can change in an instant. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone else’s property, the slip and fall attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents

Premises owners in Southern California have an obligation to maintain their property in a way that is safe for visitors. When that obligation is not met, the premises owner may be held liable for any injuries from slip and falls that occur as a result.

To show that a premises owner was negligent in causing your slip and fall injury, you must establish:

  • The property was in a dangerous condition
  • The owner knew, or should have known, that the property was dangerous
  • The owner could reasonably have fixed the dangerous condition and didn’t

Slip and falls can occur under a wide variety of circumstances. Some of the most common include:

  • Wet or icy floors
  • Loose carpeting or flooring
  • Uneven sidewalks and other walking surfaces
  • Loose electrical cords
  • Excessive clutter

This list is far from exhaustive. Any number of scenarios can lead to a serious slip and fall injury. However, not all slip and falls are entirely the fault of the premises owner. Victims can play a role in their own accidents, through failure to observe warning signs, being distracted, or engaging in risky behavior. Even if this is true in your case and you are partially to blame, you may still be entitled to receive some amount of compensation for your injuries.

Recovery in slip and fall cases may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and emotional and psychological suffering.

Our Southern California Attorneys Are Here to Help

At the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz, we understand that a slip and fall is a traumatic and life-changing event. We also understand that proving negligence and liability can be a difficult task. Our experienced staff is here to take that burden off your shoulders so you can focus on what really matters, your recovery.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall, the time to pursue justice is now. The Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz will fight to get you the best possible recovery for your injuries. With over 30 years experience helping the people of Pasadena and Los Angeles with personal injury cases, we know how to establish negligence and put forward the best case for maximum compensation.

For a FREE consultation with a Southern California personal injury lawyer, contact us by completing the form at the right or calling (877) 261-9322 today.

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