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Elder Abuse Attorney

Senior citizens have spent their lives working to make society a better place. But all too often they can become some of the most vulnerable members of our society due to physical and mental limitations and their dependency on others to provide care in places such as nursing home and assisted living facilities. When care workers, service workers, and even “friends” and family come into a senior citizen’s life and exploit that person for financial gain or inflict emotional or physical abuse, they are liable for elder abuse under California law. In many cases, the offender’s employer can be liable as well. At The Law Offices of Andrew Rithholz, Inc., we have decades of experience in obtaining justice for our clients, and we will take all necessary steps to investigate claims of elder abuse in order to fight back and win the financial recovery that victims of elder abuse and their families deserve.

What is Elder Abuse in California?

California provides wide-ranging protections for the elderly giving them the right to pursue civil actions against bad actors and their employers over a variety of misdeeds. Under the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act, a person 65 or older (or a person between 18-64 who is dependent on other adults) can pursue a civil claim for physical and mental abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Family members can also pursue a claim if the victim has since deceased.

Common forms of elder abuse providing grounds for an elder abuse claim include:

  • Physical abuse by a careworker, medical provider, or other adult
  • Use of unnecessary physical restraints
  • Mental abuse of the elderly intended to intimidate them or coerce them
  • Failure to provide proper necessary medical care in a nursing facility
  • Failure to provide proper nutrition or amenities such as clean sheets and toiletries in a facility
  • Exposing the elderly to unsafe conditions such as infestation or pollution
  • Failure to provide proper oversight or security measures
  • Using undue influence to overpower a senior’s will to give away property or change a will or trust
  • Hiding or taking property from a senior citizen
  • Assisting or enabling any other person to abuse a senior citizen

Fighting Back Against Elder Abuse in California

While state and local agencies do make efforts to monitor nursing home facilities, assisted living facilities, and in-home care providers, they cannot police each and every interaction, and it is often up to the victims of elder abuse and their families to be the first line in the fight against elder abuse.

Our elder abuse legal team has the experience and resources to fully investigate any suspected instances of elder abuse and take the proper legal action to hold perpetrators and their employers responsible through pursuing a civil claim. We are personally dedicated to obtaining justice on behalf of elder abuse victims and to hold wrongdoers fully accountable so they do not victimize others.

Contact a Pasadena Elder Abuse Attorney Today

If you are a victim of elder abuse, or if you believe a family member is facing elder abuse, it is important to act quickly to collect and preserve evidence of the misdeeds and begin working towards the justice you deserve. Contact The Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz, Inc. today at (877) 261-9322 or stop by our offices in Pasadena for a free consultation regarding your situation.

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