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Elder Fraud and Financial Exploitation

elder fraud and abuse prevention

It is a sad fact that elder fraud and exploitation of our senior citizens is not uncommon and that people posing in various roles, either legitimately or not, have robbed people of their life savings in some cases or their homes through mortgage fraud and other schemes.

Older citizens are far more vulnerable to fraud since they are more apt to be trusting, to want to please others, less likely to report fraud or suspicious business practices and less knowledgeable about their rights. Elders who live alone, are disabled or in various stages of dementia are often targets of scammers.

There are various types of schemes or scams that are directed toward the elderly:

Relatives commit elder fraud by having their elderly parent change a will to their benefit, unwittingly sign checks to them or change bank accounts to joint accounts. Nursing home staff may not pass along financial information to a resident, may divert funds from medical care to their own use or misappropriate Social Security funds. Relatives should periodically check their elder parents’ bank accounts, wills, and other legal and financial documents for evidence of suspicious changes.

Consult Andrew Ritholz, an Elder Fraud Attorney

With the baby boomers entering old age at substantial rates, the risk of elder fraud and financial abuse becomes ever higher. If you have evidence of abuse or fraud or strongly suspect it has occurred, schedule a consultation with elder abuse attorney Andrew Ritholz to discuss possible legal steps. He has a proven track record of success and results in elder fraud cases and a refreshing reputation of honesty and reliability.

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