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Los Angeles Business to Business Collections Attorney

Companies have to trust that, by and large, those they do business with will make good on their promise to compensate them for the goods or services they provide. When this promise is broken, businesses can end up in the challenging position of trying to find a way to force recalcitrant customers to pay their debts. Having seasoned legal counsel on your side to help you collect these debts can make the difference between getting the money you’re owed and ending up empty-handed. If you need professional help in collecting a debt, contact the seasoned Pasadena business litigator Andrew Ritholz for a no-cost consultation on your claim.

Why hire a lawyer for debt collection?

There are many commercial debt collection options. When you’re seeking to recover a business-to-business debt, however, there are many advantages to consulting with a collections attorney to help you recover the money you’re owed.

  • A collections attorney can send a demand letter that will get the attention of a delinquent customer. In some cases, a letter from a collections lawyer that clearly states the basis for a debt, potential repayment options, and your intention to pursue the debt through whatever legal means are necessary is enough to grab the debtor’s attention and get a response.
  • A seasoned California business collections lawyer can negotiate a settlement agreement with the debtor on your behalf so that you can focus on new business rather than unpaid accounts.
  • When other options fail, a Los Angeles collections attorney will file a lawsuit and obtain a judgment against the debtor, which can then be used by the attorney to file a lien against the debtor’s property and provide leverage to get the money you’re owed.

Take action as soon as possible to increase your chances of collecting a debt

According to studies on debt collection, the chances that a creditor will receive the money they’re owed on a debt drops over time. Once a debt has been delinquent for more than three months, the likelihood that the debt will be collected drops below 50%. A Pasadena business debt collection lawyer at the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz has sophisticated and effective techniques for collecting debts from noncompliant businesses, developed over decades of practice. No one wants to spend years tied up in court, so our attorney will use an array of strategies to collect your debt prior to filing suit. We’re also seasoned California business litigators who will advocate for you aggressively in court should the need arise.

When you need help collecting a business-to-business debt in California, or if you have other questions for a seasoned commercial litigation attorney, contact the Pasadena Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz for a consultation on your case at 626-844-7102.

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