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Pasadena Breach of Contract Lawyer

Everything you do to run your business is based on some type of contract with another party. Whether written or oral, dealing with a potential breach of contract issue can be a big headache for your business. If you are dealing with another party not holding up their end of your contract, working with an experienced breach of contract attorney can help ensure that you get the results you need. But first, let’s take a look at some of the basics around this ever important legal document.

What Constitutes A Breach of Contract in Pasadena?

A contract is an enforceable agreement between parties to do something. Just like a contract can be very simple or extremely complex, the same can be said for a breach of contract. When one party breaches a contract it essentially means that they did not do what they were legally obligated to do under the contract. In many situations, both parties accuse each other of breaching the contract and that is often when things can get very messy.

Types of Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is really unique to the nature of the contract itself. Some common types of breach of contract include:

  • Non-payment
  • Non-performance
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Non-compete issues

Recovering from Breach of Contract

Contracts are legally enforceable agreements. What this means for you is that when someone breaks their part of the agreement, you have a variety of legal remedies available to you with the objective of making as if the breach never happened. The two most common types of remedies are:

  • Performance: In some cases, you can compel the other party do what they were supposed to do in the contract
  • Damages: Both consequential (the indirect losses incurred as a result of the breach) and actual damages (direct losses incurred as the result of the breach)

How Can an Attorney Help with Breach of Contract

Breach of contract cases are often filled with some emotion, legal and business complications and at least a couple versions of what happened leading up to the breach. For those reasons, working with an experienced attorney is always the best way to handle things. A breach of contract lawyer can also help you map out the best arguments against any counter-claims and come up various avenues of recovery based on the unique nature of your contract and the impact of the breach.

At the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz, we have the years of business litigation experience you want on your side when it comes to making sure that a breach of contract issues does not impact your daily or long-term business goals and needs. Pasadena breach of contract issues are just one of the many litigation and non-litigation matters the Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz can help you with. If you are dealing with an anticipatory or actual breach of contract issue, do not hesitate to contact us today

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