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How Do I Report a Dangerous Road Defect?

California Law: Dangerous and Defective Highways

No matter where you live, you have probably encountered some sort of road defect on your way to work. Road defects refer to situations where a problem develops due to the negligence of a party responsible for maintaining the road. There are several road blocks and problems that can appear on any road, but it might be difficult to determine if they’re a legitimate dangerous road defect and if you should report it to the police.

What Are Some Examples of Road Defects?

  • Potholes
  • Unmarked construction zones or areas
  • Uneven road pavement
  • Broken guard rails
  • Missing road or construction signs
  • Drainage or leaks

How Do I Report a Road Defect?

There is no guarantee that reporting a road defect will fix the problem immediately. However, it’s still important to report it, because your city, county, or state will have the report and will be liable for fixing the problem eventually. Your local government will have an online form that you can fill out to report details of the road defect. If your car was damaged, or if you were injured, because of poor road conditions, you can file a claim and lawsuit against the responsible government entity. In order to win a lawsuit against a local government entity, you must prove that they were negligent. This means that you would have to prove that the government acted unreasonably in maintaining or repairing the road issue, and that they should have known how bad the defect was.

If you have been injured because of a road defect, you should call the law offices of Andrew Ritholz to file a personal injury claim against the responsible party.

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