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Time Limits to Go to a Doctor after a Slip and Fall in Los Angeles

Slip & Fall Accidents in Los Angeles

When most people think of a slip and fall accident in Los Angeles, they imagine a slapstick comedy routine involving a banana peel, or a simple accident that creates no long-term harm. However, a slip and fall has the potential to seriously injure an accident victim, and it is critical that slip and fall victims go to the doctor as soon as possible after an accident.

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Slip & Fall Accident in Los Angeles? Try to See a Doctor Immediately 

After a slip and fall accident, you should try and seek immediate medical attention. This is important for two reasons, with the first being that this allows a healthcare professional to diagnose your injuries and begin treatment as soon as possible. The sooner that the scope of the injuries is identified, the sooner healing can begin. Plus, there are some types of injuries that are very serious but might not be recognizable without medical examination. Two common examples of this are a traumatic brain injury or internal bleeding. Without medical intervention these types of injuries can cause severe harm, or worse. 

The second reason that a slip and fall victim should go to the doctor immediately after an accident is to create contemporaneous documentation about the extent of the injuries. One of the most common tricks of insurers looking to mitigate a slip and fall case is to claim that the injuries were not as serious as the victim says they are. By having medical documentation right after the accident, it is easy to refute these claims and protect an injury victim’s case. 

Seek Treatment Within Days after a Slip and Fall Accident in L.A.

If going to the doctor immediately after a slip and fall accident is not possible, try and seek medical treatment within three to four days of the incident. At that point, the injuries are still new enough that a medical professional should be able to properly identify and treat the injuries caused by the slip and fall. Serious injuries like broken bones should not have had enough time to reset in an incorrect position, and other injuries can be cared for properly.

While an insurer may try to claim that the injuries are not that serious if a victim waits a couple of days to see a doctor, an experienced slip and fall attorney should still be able to secure a full and fair settlement of your accident case. Even if it is not possible to see a doctor within a few days of the accident, you should still go whenever you can. Seeing a doctor at any point after a slip and fall accident is better than never seeing a medical professional at all. 

Compassionate Slip & Fall Attorney in the Greater Los Angeles Area

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