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Judgment Collections

Won your lawsuit but can’t seem to collect? You’re not alone. Many plaintiffs who have done the work of obtaining a court order declaring a financial judgment in their favor – whether in a breach of contract action, a personal injury lawsuit, or any other type of verdict or order granting a financial recovery – are unpleasantly surprised to find that actually getting the defendants to pay what they owe pursuant to the court’s judgment can be more challenging than winning the lawsuit itself. Defendants often will take advantage of deserving plaintiffs in any way they can to avoid or delaying payment. But at The Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz, Inc. in Pasadena, we represent parties in taking all necessary steps to force defendants to pay plaintiffs the judgments they are rightfully owed.

Act Fast to Collect Your Judgment

Once you win a judgment from a court in California, the court itself will not take action to collect your judgment, and it will be up to you to do so. Whether our firm represented you in an action, another firm represented you, or you represented yourself, we will work with you and draw on our over three decades of courtroom experience to promptly collect the judgment that you are owed.

While we will always pursue the most efficient, economical means to promptly recover what you are owed, we are prepared to take whatever means are necessary to collect your judgment, including:

  • Seizing assets owned by the judgment debtor (the defendant in your case)
  • Forcing the debtor to identify and locate assets that can be used to pay the debt
  • Taking court action to have the debtor’s driver’s license and professional licenses suspended
  • Placing levies on assets and properties owned by the debtor

The sooner you contact our office, the sooner we can act to make sure that the defendant in your successful lawsuit is forced to pay you the funds you are owed.

Collect Your Judgment With the Help of a Pasadena Business Litigation Attorney

At The Law Offices of Andrew Ritholz, Inc. in Pasadena, CA, we have over 30 years of experience in representing individuals and business entities across Southern California in winning favorable outcomes at trial as well as in settlements and negotiations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you collect on a state or federal court judgment.

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